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Beyond the Plate Food Tours

Social: @beyondtheplatefoodtours

Established: 2013

Beyond the Plate Food Tours was founded in 2013. They’ve been touring Jersey City since then, and were previously known as “Jersey Girls Food Tours.” 


They’ve recently expanded to Red Bank, Somerville and Princeton within the last two years. 


They are currently hosting tours in Red Bank, Somerville and Jersey City.


At Beyond the Plate, their mission is to foster community and connection through food, highlighting New Jersey’s diverse and delicious food scene in a fun and exciting way.


Plus, visitors are given experiences beyond tastings; they’re given the opportunity to learn the stories behind the local food scene. Tours showcase 4-5 unique places in each town, along with conversations with chefs, owners and other industry experts. 


Make sure you come hungry and ready to discover and share the stories BEYOND THE PLATE!


Cape May Food Tours

Social: @capemayfoodtours

Established: 2012

Cape May Food Tours is the Granddaddy of all the food tours on the New Jersey Food Tour Trail. Their signature Historic Downtown Food Tour launched in 2012 to much delight, and has been running successfully ever since. 


Cape May Food Tours offers two tasty tours: the Historic Downtown Food Tour, which is their signature tour, and the West Cape May Food Tour, which highlights what’s new on the Cape May food scene. 


Both tours feature foods from six of the best eateries the city has to offer. Their friendly, local, knowledgeable guides will treat you to fascinating history, local lore and the charm of Victorian architecture. 


The Historic Downtown Food Tour is in the heart of the historic district and highlights many styles of Victorian architecture. The West Cape May tour is just a few blocks away and features our rapidly expanding Culinary innovations. 


The reaction of tourists on the Cape May Food Tours to their experience of the food, culture and beautiful architecture is what is so special about the tours. Even local guests who have lived in Cape May all their lives say they experience the area in a wonderful, fresh new way.


Savor and Stroll Culinary Tours

Social: @savorandstrollculinarytours

Established: 2017

Savor and Stroll was started by Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Kathleen Carozza in July of 2017. 


Kathleen believes food should nourish the mind, body and soul.


The memories of a favorite family recipe, comfort food or a treat can invoke joy and a sense of belonging. My philosophy is that all foods can nourish and fit into an overall healthy lifestyle. Marrying food tasting to a healthy outdoor activity like walking is the perfect way to enjoy guilt free indulgences!


Savor and Stroll Culinary Tours takes customers through the heart of Morristown, NJ eating all the way. Our Classic Savor and Stroll tour includes a leisurely stroll, food samples and some history. Savor, Sip and Shop Tour that includes shopping at several unique small stores, food samples as well as wine and beer tasting. Our new History Hike and Graze is a longer more active tour with lots of history and tastings.


Have You Met Newark Tours

Social: @haveyoumetnewark

Established: 2012

Have You Met Newark Tours was founded in 2012. Living and eating every day in Newark gives our guides the opportunity to meet a lot of cool entrepreneurs and enjoy a lot of top notch meals. It wouldn't be fair not to share these great eats and stories with the folks who take their walking tours!


They offer their Nom Nom Newark Food Tours in downtown Newark and in the Ironbound. No two food tours are exactly alike and they vary their stops!


Their downtown food tour usually serves up downtown Newark classics like the pastrami sandwich at Hobby's Delicatessen and creative bites from brand new spots like the oxtail handpies and sweet potato tots at The Yard. In the Ironbound they often taste the rich Brazilian dessert, brigadeiro; try a unique ice cream flavor at famed Nasto's ice cream; and sample a plethora of Portuguese smoked meats at Caseiro e Bon. All tours include 4 stops. Come hungry!


On the Town Food Tours

Social: @onthetownfoodtours + @onthetownfood

Established: 2014

On The Town Food Tours has more than twenty five years of experience in the food industry. In the last ten years, they’ve tracked food and flavor trends for leading food manufacturers and consumers.


In order to stay on top of the trends, you have to go out and explore. This passion in food has driven them to provide private food tours for friends and family. They’ve had so much fun eating and exploring, that they decided to start this company and share their food experience and knowledge with a larger audience.


On The Town Food Tours is a company that provides people with fun and delicious educational food experiences in neighborhoods that have some of the best restaurants and bakeries in the state of New Jersey. They are excited to provide a service that gives people the opportunity to explore the diversity of food, learn about food trends and discover neighborhood culture and history.


Sister Cities Food and Shop Tours

Social: @sister_cities_tours

Established: 2017

Sister Cities Tours have been in business since October of 2017. Their inspiration came from watching visitors come to their town and seeing them looking down at their phones to try and figure out where to go; they’d literally walk up to anyone who looked lost and ask them what they were looking for or where they were trying to go.


Their tours take customers to stops at 5 different locations for tastings. They also incorporate stops at shops where customers can browse and shop to take some of the magic home with them.


Sister Cities is unique because they are right on the state line between NJ and PA. Their tours incorporate both towns, as well as focus on the rich history of the area. They have special relationships with their shop and restaurant owners, which allows them VIP access to their products and services. They take so much pride in the special uniqueness of the Delaware River Towns, and their number one priority is to have fun, as well as make sure their guests leave feeling full and wanting to come back again for more.


Taste of Asbury Food Tours

Social: @tasteofasburyfoodtours

Established: 2017

Taste of Asbury Food Tours all began with a trip in 2013; Bonnie Brown, the tour operator and Justin Brown, her husband, embarked on a six week cross country road trip around the United States. At each of their stops, they wanted to explore the unique culture and history that each city had to offer. Food was always a distinctive feature of these cities that allowed them to gain a view into the local culture. They found that local food tours allowed you to not only glimpse into the soul of the city you were visiting, but also gave you an opportunity to sample some of the best foods, desserts, and drinks that had created these distinct culinary scenes. As residents of Asbury Park, they knew a food tour would be perfect for the historic and growing city.


In 2017 they created Taste of Asbury Food Tours and began conducting walking tours around the city that showed off all of the amazing foods Asbury Park had to offer. As high school and elementary school teachers by day, they work incredibly hard to bring their passion for education into their classrooms. This same work ethic is seen on every tour they conduct. Their love for Asbury Park is proudly on display as they give visitors a look into the soul of this city by the sea, through the foods of this amazing town.

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